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Eating Out with Kids

Hi. My name is Laurie Taylor. My husband Max and I have four children all under the age of twelve. One of the things we enjoy doing as a family is having a night out eating at a restaurant. You are probably thinking, "They enjoy eating at restaurants with four young children?" Yes, it can prove to be a challenge at times, but for the most part we have found ways to keep the children happy, and we all have a great time. There have been many times when other patrons have come up to us and comment on how well behaved our children are. I would like to share some of the ways we make eating out as a family an enjoyable experience for all. From toddler to Daddy, everyone has a lovely evening.


Try A Chinese Omelet For A Unique Dining Experience

When you visit your local Chinese restaurant, you might frequently order the fare that you've enjoyed countless times over the years. There's little doubt that this strategy will make your meal enjoyable, but unless you're checking out the seemingly unconventional items on the menu, you may be missing out. One thing that many Chinese restaurants do really well is make Chinese omelets — a dish that you may not have yet experienced. Although most Chinese restaurants aren't open for breakfast, many have omelets on their menus for patrons to order throughout the day. Here are some reasons to try this unique dish.

It's Packed With Protein

If you're looking to fuel your body during your visit to the local Asian restaurant, you want to choose food that contains a lot of protein. Lots of dishes fit this description, but many also contain other elements that may not be as enticing to you. For example, chicken balls have lots of protein, but they're also high in carbohydrates. A Chinese omelet is ideal because it's packed with the protein of several eggs. You can also get your choice of meat in this meal, furthering its amount of protein.

It's Unique

It's nice to experiment with different types of Chinese food, especially if you've frequently ordered the same meals for years. A Chinese omelet is unique because it's not like a conventional omelet that you might order at breakfast restaurants or even make at home. It typically contains one or more meats that are common at a Chinese restaurant, but that you likely haven't previously had in an omelet. This list can include strips of beef, small chunks of chicken, and even shrimp. Vegetables are also a fixture in this dish.

It's Suitable At Any Time

One of the fun things about ordering a Chinese omelet is that you can enjoy it at any time of the day. For example, if you've woken up late — perhaps after a night out — and it's almost noon, visit your local Chinese establishment to grab an omelet of your choice. You might not want other types of Chinese food soon after rising, but an omelet is always suitable as breakfast fare. It's equally good for dinner if you're looking to order something different. Before you dine at a Chinese restaurant the next time, scour the menus of a few establishments to find one that has a selection of omelets.